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"Now several years in, I cannot imagine going anywhere else. I still have bad teeth, but they are healthier than they have ever been and the incidence of cavities and other issues (which I experienced frequently before going to Dr. Gialanella) has decreased dramatically. I would endorse this place 100% based on my experience with Dr. Gialanella alone, but it's worth calling out other factors that contribute to the overall positive experience."
"I think the reason that I have so much confidence in this place is that from the first time I went in for a routine cleaning (back in 2010?) in it was 100% clear that Dr. Gialanella's mission was to get my teeth to a sustainable level of good health --- and that's exactly what he did. "
"What amazes me about this practice (and Dr. Gialanella specifically), is that I've never felt that sense of frustration -- even though I've had many procedures done here (fillings, fillings replacements, crowns, referral for root canal, referral for wisdom teeth removal, etc.)."
"I honestly wish there was more I could say to promote this place!
PS-Easy walk from Metro too!"
"Dr. Schobel is a top tier, exceptional dentist. Absolutely a great experience to have him work on my teeth."
"Dr. Brian Schobel is very friendly and personable. I felt very comfortable right away! He really explains everything, in non Doctor terms to help you understand. I highly recommend him, and surely will be returning... I found my new Dentist! I'll be sure to refer others to him with out a doubt. Thank you Dr. Schobel!"
"Dr. Schobel is very kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, thorough and professional, with a nice twist of humor...thanks for making my visit such a comfortable, calming experience."